A unique, effective system of teaching that provides a solid foundation in Reading and Math- proven over 10,000 times

Every child must “learn how to learn”. Campbell Academy Online teaches each student a process of learning which builds self-discipline and a solid work ethic allowing for academic success in all areas of study. With the reminders of consistent reviewing and the requirement of “mastery” of each lesson, students will never have the feeling of “being lost” in a lesson. Each lesson moves forward in small measures allowing for the new material to be “soaked in”. With Campbell Academy Online, no child will be left behind the class. Instead, students will learn at the proper speed consistent with their preferred learning style and natural ability.

How Campbell Academy Online Works

Access your lessons wherever you go

All lessons are always easily accessible on a tablet or smart device so your child’s learning never stops! This is a great way to give your child screen time that will be profitable for learning.

✓ Trusted and proven curriculum for children of all ages

Campbell Academy Online is for beginners, for those who are struggling in reading and math or as a trusted curriculum for homeschooled children. Use it as an additional tool for children who are in full-time school who need extra learning or more advancement. Children who have used our courses grow into mature students who are top of their classes and stand out in some of the most elite schools.

✓ Fit for all levels and every learning type

Communication is clear and appropriate for all ages. Lessons can be watched over and over until mastered. Reinforcing messages throughout every lesson encourage students to master each segment before moving on to the next with frequent reviews as the student progresses. This builds knowledge and ensures the foundation for success.


We utilize a proven educational curriculum that focuses on teaching children how to learn. By optimizing the learning process they can retain more information and move onto the next level sooner.

Pure Phonics

Campbell Academy Online uses the virtual curriculum Pure Phonics that has been used to teach children how to read, write and spell for over 40 years across private and home schools around the world. This foundational teaching method is designed to teach students the sounds of each letter and how to sound out words, which means how to put letter sounds together to make words. All lessons are taught by the teacher, broken down into bite-sized learning sessions, and are created to help children hear, identify and use different sounds to make words.

Pure Math

Just like our Pure Phonics lessons, Pure Math is taught by the teacher, broken down into bite-sized learning sessions, and are created to help children learn at the right pace. Starting with the basics of adding double digit numbers and slowly moving forward as each lesson is mastered. Each math lesson covers just the right amount to keep a child focused and ready to listen, practice and perfect each step. With daily review and clear and slow demonstrations of each new skill, students are able to see themselves progress on a daily basis and are excited to learn more. No complicated words. No confusing instruction. No moving on without mastery. This is why Campbell Academy Online students not only become great at math but realize just how fun math truly is.