We teach. Children learn. It’s that simple.

Back to Basics

At Campbell Academy we lay the foundation for successful learning by starting with the basics. Our techniques to LISTEN, PRACTICE, & MASTER before moving on have been proven with over 10,000 students. We keep our lessons short so they are easy for children to take in and work on without losing focus.

Reading and Math: The Keys to Academic Success

Each lesson is less than 10 minutes and is easy and FUN to master

Focus on comprehension to help children connect what they are learning and avoid guessing

Build on the foundation of basics to work up to more challenging problems

Offer guidance every step of the way

How Campbell Academy Online Works

With the logical and sequential teaching we use, students not only understand and remember what is being taught but also ENJOY learning to read and do math. Personalized teaching provides each student with the ideal environment for individualized learning progress. They receive the attention they want and the teaching they need to see themselves learn like never before. 

Every child must “learn how to learn”. Campbell Academy Online teaches each student a process of learning which builds self-discipline and a solid work ethic allowing for academic success in all areas of study.

With the reminders of consistent reviewing and the requirement of “mastery” of each lesson, students will never have the feeling of “being lost” in a lesson. Each lesson moves forward in small measures allowing for the new material to be “soaked in”. With Campbell Academy Online, no child will be left behind the class. Instead, students will learn at the proper speed consistent with their preferred learning style and natural ability.

No confusing instruction. No moving on without mastery. This is why Campbell Academy Online students not only become great at math but realize just how fun math truly is.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a 5 year old beginner student. Which program do I start with?

    Pure Phonics should be first. Your child needs a solid foundation in the basic sounds and basic phonics rules. If your child has learned some of the sounds already, Pure Phonics will make sure that the sounds are being made correctly.

  • I have a 7 year old struggling with reading. Which is the best program to begin? (or How do I know which program to purchase?)

    Start with Pure Phonics. Go back and make sure your child knows all of the alphabet sounds correctly and with confidence. This is usually where a struggling student is lacking. Once the sounds are learned with ease, the remaining lessons will be easily learned and your child will love to read.

  • How many minutes does it take to complete a lesson? What amount of time should I expect my child to work each day?

    Most children have an attention span of about 15 minutes when they first get started. Their attention span will grow as you work through Pure Phonics. Work for short periods of time about twice each day. Never try to do too much at one time. Small amounts of time works best.

  • If my child needs more practice after watching the lesson, what do I do?

    Watch the lesson several times and repeat the same process of sounding out the words and reading the sentences aloud. Reading aloud is very important. If you hear your child stumble on specific sounds, turn off the video and practice those specific sounds for a while before returning to the video lesson.

  • What is the best time of day to practice?

    Morning is usually the best time to practice. Your child will be well rested and attentive at that time of day.