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Reading and Math Online Courses For Children of All Ages

Campbell Academy Online provides the ultimate virtual curriculum for your child’s educational foundation. Our unique “Back to the Basics” approach focuses on building a solid foundation in the two most important elements of education: reading and math.

Our Reading Curriculum


For children as young as 4 years , Pure Phonics® is the proven online program that gives results fast! Beginner children usually are reading little words by the third lesson. Parents tell us that they have so much fun working together with their child and love seeing them excited about learning. Pure Phonics gives a child the foundation to succeed and to be confident in reading as well as to love reading. A child does not feel good about himself if he can’t read. Pure Phonics gives him the opportunity to be a leader in his class and never to struggle. Every subject requires reading: history, science, geography and even math! A child must a solid foundation in reading and with Pure Phonics, that’s what he will get. Kids love the program and see success quickly. Each lesson builds one upon the next. Your child will never be expected to read anything in a lesson that has not been taught in a previous lesson. Not only will your child read and read well, Pure Phonics will teach him to print correctly, and to write from dictation. Sounds amazing? With Pure Phonics students are able to spell, too. When students learn the Pure Phonics rules, spelling is easy and comes naturally! Campbell Academy Online is the only curriculum that teaches so many fundamentals while teaching reading. It’s truly the perfect curriculum.

Our Math Curriculum


Pure Math® has been developed and perfected over the last 35 years and has helped thousands of children become not only proficient math students but GREAT math students. And if that isn't enough, Pure Math® students LOVE math! This program is grouped in small, easily digestible lessons so that any student, beginner or intermediate, has the attention span to watch and learn. Each online lesson covers enough material so a student can listen, practice, and truly master the material. The lessons are short, focused and fun. Each lesson has a printable worksheet to print before each video lesson. Students then follow along while Kelly slowly and easily explains the lesson. And at the end of each lesson, it’s time to practice, practice, practice! The key to success is to master each lesson before moving on. Remember: repetition in math is essential. Use time while riding the bus or waiting at the bus stop, to practice math facts for speed and accuracy or to quickly do a worksheet from your Pure Math® lesson. Get started on your Pure Math® journey today and learn how fun math really is!