Meet June Campbell

Founder of Campbell Online + Author of Pure Phonics®

For more than 40 years June Campbell has taught children how to read with her proven phonics curriculum, Pure Phonics®. Her one room school house located in Dallas, Texas has grown from teaching local students to now teaching children all over the world. From Taiwan to Tennessee, Campbell Academy has helped thousands of children learn to read.

Meet Kelly Smuts

Math Teacher at Campbell Academy Online & Author of Pure Math

For more than 20 years, Kelly Smuts, author of Pure Math® and math teacher at Campbell Academy in Dallas, TX, has passed on her love for numbers to thousands of children. She began teaching along side her mom, June Campbell, at a very young age and developed an approach to teaching math that is like no other. Knowing the importance of reminders and daily encouragement to persevere, Kelly speaks directly to the student as if they were together in the classroom and explains the importance of working hard, mastering each subject and reviewing! Wherever you are on your math journey, Pure Math® was designed for YOU!